SSPI Message

Stream Name:


Stream Function:

A request to supply data for Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) security. Note that SSPI uses the Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation Mechanism (SPNEGO) [RFC4178] negotiation.

Stream Comments:

  • Packet header type 0x11.

  • The initial SSPI data block (the initial SPNEGO security token) is sent from the client to the server in the LOGIN7 message. The server MUST respond with an SSPI token that is the SPNEGO security token response from the server. The client MUST respond with another SSPI message, after calling the SPNEGO interface with the server's response.

  • This continues until completion or an error.

  • The server completes the SSPI validation and returns the last SPNEGO security token as an SSPI token within a LOGINACK token.

  • A sample SSPI message is in section 4.11.

Stream-Specific Rules:

 SSPIData         =   BYTESTREAM

Stream Definition:

 SSPI             =   SSPIData

Stream Parameter Details




The SSPIData length and SSPIData data using US_VARCHAR format.