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This guide contains information about developing applications for Windows-based mobile PCs. Mobile PCs refer to all mobile computers, including laptops, notebooks, Tablet PCs, ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs), and other form factors that are developed running a version of the full Windows operating system. It does not discuss developing for Pocket PCs or the Windows Mobile operating system.

Developer Audience

The Mobile PC and Tablet PC Development Guide is designed for use by any developer who's application might run on a laptop, notebook, Tablet PC, or ultra-mobile PC (UMPC).

Run-Time Requirements

The APIs discussed in the Mobile PC Developer's Guide are supported on Windows Vista.

In This Section


Mobile PC User Experience Guidelines for Developers

General information about creating applications that are useable for mobile PCs.

Mobile PC Development Guide

Information about how to develop a great mobile application for Windows Vista.


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Build date: 2/8/2011