VertGlue Property

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

Sets how to anchor the control vertically. You can anchor it to the top, bottom, or top and bottom of the form or subform.

  • Check boxes

  • Command buttons

  • Frames

  • Images

  • Indicators

  • Labels

  • Matrix boxes

  • Menu buttons

  • Option buttons

  • Picture boxes

  • Shapes

  • Subforms

  • Tab controls

  • Table boxes

  • Text boxes

Value Description

Top (default)

At the top


At the bottom


To both the top and bottom

If this control is contained in a table box, the setting for this control is ignored.

If you select Both, the control is resized when the user resizes the window.

The HorzGlue and VertGlue properties are not active during design, except for HorzGlue on columns.

This property is not supported in the RoleTailored client.

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