How to: Install the Transformation Input File Editor

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

To edit transformation input files, we recommend that you install the Transformation Input File (TIF) Editor. To install the TIF Editor, you import the TIF.fob file. You can also install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developers Toolkit, if you want lookup assistance for selecting IDs in the TIF Editor.

Before you begin this procedure, confirm that you have installed the form transformation tool. For more information, see How to: Install the Form Transformation Tool.

To install the TIF Editor

  1. In the Classic client, click Tools, and then click Object Designer.

  2. In the File menu, select Import.

  3. In the Import Objects window, select the TIF.fob file, and then click Open.


    The TIF.fob file is located in the TIF Editor folder, which was created when you installed the form transformation tool.

  4. In the dialog window, click Yes to import all objects.

  5. (optional) Install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developers Toolkit. You can find the toolkit on PartnerSource.

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