Codeunit.RUN Function (Codeunit)

Loads and executes the unit of C/AL code you specify. See also RUN Function (Codeunit).

[Ok :=] Codeunit.RUN(Number[, Record])



An integer data type that identifies the unit of C/AL code. You can use the Symbols option on the View menu to choose from a list.

If the codeunit you specify does not exist, a run-time error occurs.

If you run the codeunit with a record from a table other than the one it is associated with, a run-time error occurs.


This optional parameter identifies a record. This parameter is a record data type.

Type: Boolean

If you do not include the optional return value and an error occurs while the codeunit is running, the C/AL code that called this codeunit will terminate.

If you include the return value and an error occurs, the calling C/AL code continues to run. This means that you must handle any errors.

true if no errors occurred; otherwise, false.

Codeunit.RUN(4711, SomeRecord);

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