Synchronous Commands for RFID Applications

BizTalk RFID supports synchronous interactions between RFID (radio frequency identification) applications and devices. The synchronous command model is designed on a request-response structure, where an object issues a request to another object and waits until it receives a response before it sends another request.

Examples of synchronous commands include Get Device Properties, Print Tag, Kill Tag (which decommissions a tag), Write Tag, Add Read Filter, and Remove Read Filter.

This section helps you with the following:

  • Understanding the control flow in the synchronous command model.

  • Using the synchronous command model in a particular business context, such as an Order Fulfillment scenario.

  • Using the sample code as a reference to develop components for a request-response model.

The topics in this section explain the synchronous command model with the help of the Order Fulfillment Scenario. For information about the Order Fulfillment scenario, see Order Fulfillment Scenario.

In This Section

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