This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.Execution Namespace

Contains types that the MSBuild object model uses to build projects. For information, see MSBuild.

Public classBuildManagerThis class is the public entry point for executing builds.
Public classBuildParametersThis class represents all of the settings which must be specified to start a build.
Public classBuildRequestDataEncapsulates all of the data needed to submit a build request.
Public classBuildResultRepresents the current result set for all of the targets that have produced results for a particular configuration.
Public classBuildSubmissionRepresents a build request that has been submitted to the build manager for processing. The methods of this class may be used to execute synchronous or asynchronous build requests and to provide access to the results upon completion.
Public classHostServicesImplementation of a host service that mediates access from the build to the host.
Public classOutOfProcNodeThis class represents an implementation of an out-of-proc build node. This class is deprecated and has no alternative.
Public classProjectInstanceRepresents a project instance.
Public classProjectItemDefinitionInstanceRepresents an evaluated item definition for a particular item type, divested of all references to project source code.
Public classProjectItemGroupTaskInstanceWraps an unevaluated itemgroup under a target. Immutable.
Public classProjectItemGroupTaskItemInstanceWraps an unevaluated item under an itemgroup in a target. Immutable.
Public classProjectItemGroupTaskMetadataInstanceWraps an unevaluated metadata under an item in an item group in a target. Immutable.
Public classProjectItemInstanceWraps an evaluated item for build purposes.
Public classProjectMetadataInstanceWraps an evaluated metadata for build purposes.
Public classProjectOnErrorInstanceWraps an OnError Element (MSBuild).
Public classProjectPropertyGroupTaskInstanceWraps an unevaluated propertygroup under a target. Immutable.
Public classProjectPropertyGroupTaskPropertyInstanceWraps an unevaluated property of a property group in a target. Immutable.
Public classProjectPropertyInstanceWraps an evaluated property for build purposes. Instances of these properties are added and removed via methods on the ProjectInstance object.
Public classProjectTargetInstanceWraps a Target Element (MSBuild).
Public classProjectTargetInstanceChildAbstracts the ProjectTaskInstance, ProjectPropertyGroupTaskInstance and ProjectItemGroupTaskInstance classes. This allows these types to be used in a single collection of target children
Public classProjectTaskInstanceWraps a Task Element (MSBuild).
Public classProjectTaskInstanceChildAbstracts the base class for the TaskOutputItem and TaskOutputProperty classes. This allows them to be used in a single collection.
Public classProjectTaskOutputItemInstanceWraps an output item element of a Task Element (MSBuild).
Public classProjectTaskOutputPropertyInstanceRepresents an output property element of a Task Element (MSBuild).
Public classTargetResultRepresents both the result code for building a single target and the overall build result.

Public interfaceITargetResultAn interface representing the results for a specific target

Public delegateBuildSubmissionCompleteCallbackA callback function that receives notification when a build completes.

Public enumerationBuildRequestDataFlagsFlags providing additional control over the build request.
Public enumerationBuildResultCodeEnumerated data indicating the build result of a target or a build request.
Public enumerationNodeAffinityAn enumerated data type that determines where projects are built.
Public enumerationNodeEngineShutdownReasonReasons for a node to shutdown.
Public enumerationTargetResultCodeThe result code for a given target.