How to: View Progress for Test Plans

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You can track your progress for your test suites immediately after you run your tests from Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. You can view your progress in the Run Tests activity for each test suite individually. You can view the tests that have passed and failed. You can mark tests as blocked or reset tests when you are ready to run them again, as shown in the following illustration.

View Test Results
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You can also view this progress for each test suite from the Contents activity when you plan your testing.

To see the results for all of the suites in the test plan rolled up for your overall status, you must use the report provided in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, as shown in the following illustration. You can also view your progress for all your test plans in your team project by using this report.

Testing Progress Report

This report will help you answer the following questions:

  • How much testing has been completed?

  • Is it likely the team will finish the testing on time?

  • How many tests are left to be run?

  • How many tests are passing?

  • How many tests are failing?

  • How many tests are blocked?

Note Note

There is a time delay between running your tests and the data being available in this test report.

To view progress for a test suite in a test plan

  1. Open Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.

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    To display the Microsoft Test and Lab Manager window, click Start, and then click All Programs. Point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and then click Microsoft Test and Lab Manager.

  2. To view your testing progress, click the down-arrow on the center group switcher and then click Testing Center.

  3. In the center group menu bar, click Test.

    The Run Tests activity is displayed.

  4. To view progress for a specific test suite, select the test suite in the test suite hierarchy.

    Note Note

    If you select the root node test suite in the test suite hierarchy, the status will only be shown for any test cases that are contained in that test suite.

  5. The progress bar is a graphic representation of your testing status based on the percentage of tests in a particular state. The states are defined in the following table.






    Tests that have passed.


    Not Ready

    Tests that failed or are blocked.



    Tests that have to be run or unblocked tests or failed tests that have to be rerun because an issue has been fixed.

  6. To view a summary of your testing progress, move your mouse pointer over the progress bar in the Run Tests activity.

    The dialog box that shows a summary of the status of all your tests is displayed.

  7. To view the results for a specific test, select the test and then click View results.

    The most recent test results are shown for that test together with all the details and any data that was collected when the test was run.

    Note Note

    You can also view the Test Results History of every time that the test has been run for this test plan in these test results.

To view test plan progress for test plans from a report

  1. To open the report, you must be connected to Team Foundation Server and select a team project. For more information about how to connect to Team Foundation Server, see How to: Connect and Access Team Projects in Team Foundation Server.

  2. To view the reports, click View and point to Team Explorer.

    The Team Explorer view is displayed.

  3. To view all the reports in Team Explorer, open the Reports folder.

  4. To view the testing report, open the Tests folder.

  5. To open the report, double-click Test Plan Progress.

    The report is displayed.

  6. (Optional) To filter the report, select the values for the filters and then click View report.

    The report is displayed again, using the filter values that you selected.