This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating a Test Plan Using Requirements or User Stories

Whether you use requirements or user stories as part of you project management methodology, you can use Microsoft Test Manager to help you plan your testing efforts. You can add existing requirements or user stories to your test plan to create test suites. This enables you to see the current test coverage that you have for your requirements or user stories. You can see which tests have been run and what the results are for each of these test suites. You can also change the state of a test suite in your test plan, based on the completion of requirements or of user stories.

Use the following topics to help plan your testing effort using requirements or user stories:


Associated Topics

Creating a Test Plan: You can create a test plan for a specific iteration of your project, including defining the test configurations in your test matrix.

How to: Create a Test Plan

Defining Your Test Matrix Using Test Configurations

Adding Requirements or User Stories That You Want to Test to Your Plan: Add the requirements or the user stories that will be ready in the iteration of your test plan.

How to: Add Requirements or User Stories to Your Test Plan

Review Current Test Coverage for Requirements or User Stories: You can review the current status of test coverage for both requirements and user stories.

How to: View Requirements or User Stories Using Microsoft Test Manager

Adding More Tests for Requirements or User Stories: You can create more tests and link them to requirements or to user stories, as necessary.

How to: Add Requirements or User Stories to Your Test Plan

Assigning Tests: You can assign the tests in your test plan to specific testers in your team.

How to: Assign Who Will Run the Tests in a Test Plan

Setting the Test Cases in a Test Suite Ready For Testing When the Requirements or the User Stories are Complete: When a requirement or a user story is ready for testing and available in a specific build, you can change the state of the test suite for this requirement or user story to mark the tests ready for testing. You can also select this build to be the build that is being used for your test plan.

How to: Change the Testing State of Test Suites

Determining Which Builds Have Bug Fixes, New Features, or Requirements

Running the Tests When the Requirements or User Stories Are Completed: You can run the tests in your test plan, based on which test suites and test cases are ready.

Running Tests

Measuring the Progress of Your Testing: You can measure the progress of your testing against your test plans and see the test results for each of your requirements or user stories. You can also view the overall test status for your test plan.

How to: View Progress in a Test Plan