Introduction to Automotive UI Toolkit


This document describes the overview and configuration of Windows® Automotive UI Toolkit (referred to as "AUITK" hereafter) and the knowledge required to build skins. This document also includes introductions to the XML skin definition format and the AUI Skin Tool, which is used to create skins through GUI.

If you encounter an insufficient explanation, unclear language, or wrong description in this document, please notify Microsoft Windows Automotive support team.

Intended Readers
This document is intended for the programmers and designers who will install AUITK and create skins by using AUISkinTool. A full user guide would be available at time of actual installation.

Organization of This Document

This document consists of the sections listed below:

  1. Overview of the Automotive UI Toolkit

    Describes the AUITK constituent elements, their orientations, and their roles.

  2. Overview of Skin Development

    Describes the steps for developing a skin and gives an overview of the tool.

  3. Skin Definition

    Describes the guidelines on the structures and specifications of XML skin definitions.

  4. AUI Skin Tool Overview

    Provides an overview to the AUITK "AUISkinTool," which is used to create skins through a GUI.

  5. Changes to AUITK for Windows Automotive 5.0

    Details the functions added and modified in Windows® Automotive 5.0 SP2.

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