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Provides brief overviews of some 3D graphics concepts.

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What Is Antialiasing?
Antialiasing is the process of softening hard edges in an image so that polygons appear less jagged.
What Is Color Blending?
Color blending is the process of mixing two colors together to produce a third color.
What Is a Depth Buffer?
A depth buffer is a buffer that is the same width and height as your render target. This buffer records the depth of each pixel that is rendered.
What Is a Depth Texture?
A depth texture is a texture that contains the data from the depth buffer for a particular scene.
What Is a Model Bone?
A model bone is a matrix that represents the position of a mesh relative to other bones in a 3D model.
What Is a Render Target?
A render target is a buffer where the video card draws pixels for a scene that is being rendered by an Effect Class.
What Is a Stencil Buffer?
A stencil buffer is similar to a depth buffer. In fact, it uses part of the depth buffer (for this reason, the depth buffer is often called the depth-stencil buffer). The stencil buffer allows the programmer to set a stencil function that will test the "reference" stencil value - a global value - against the value already in the stencil buffer each time a pixel is rendered.
What Is Texture Mapping?
Texture mapping is the process of determining where in a particular space a texture will be applied.

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