Troubleshooting Zune Game Deployment

Provides some helpful troubleshooting tips for Zune deployment if you are unable to establish a successful connection between your computer and your Zune device.

When XNA Game Studio Device Center fails to find and add your Zune device, or when XNA Game Studio fails during deployment of a game to your Zune device, the following error message will be displayed:

Could not connect to [Zune name]. Make sure the device is connected, awaiting deployment, and the Zune software is not running.

The following conditions could be possible causes for this failure:

  • The Zune device to which you are deploying is not connected to your computer. Make sure the Zune device is securely connected to your computer with the Zune Sync Cable.
  • The Zune software is currently running on your computer. You must close the Zune software before deploying to your Zune device.
  • A game is currently running on the Zune. Close the game and wait for the Zune device to reboot before attempting to deploy again.
  • The Zune is screen locked. To deploy to the Zune device, unlock the screen by entering the lock code.

After the condition is corrected, wait at least 30 seconds before retrying. If retry is attempted sooner, XNA Game Studio is unlikely to recognize the change.

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