Developing Cross-Platform Games

Describes how XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework facilitate the development of games that work on several platforms.

This section discusses how you can use the features of XNA Game Studio to develop cross-platform games.

In This Section

Cross-Platform Game Support in XNA Game Studio
Describes how XNA Game Studio facilitates developing a game that will run on multiple platforms.
Creating a Cross-Platform Game Solution
Demonstrates how to create a cross-platform solution and manage game assets between platform projects.
Adding New Platforms to an Existing Game
Describes how to convert a game for Windows, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone to build and run on any of the other two game platforms.
Managing Platform Profiles and Properties
Describes the default properties for projects on each platform, and how to change these properties.
Managing Cross-Platform Builds and Deployment
Describes how to build and deploy individual projects within a cross-platform solution.
Cross-Platform Conditional Compilation Symbols
Describes the conditional compilation variables available for maintaining common source code in XNA Game Studio cross-platform projects.

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