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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DA0004: High processor usage

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Profiling Tools Usage

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Your processor usage is consistently above 75%. Consider using Sampling mode for CPU-bound applications.

Rule type


When you profile by using the sampling, .NET memory, or resource contention methods, you must collect at least 10 samples to trigger this rule.

Processor (CPU) utilization was significantly high in profiling data that was collected using the instrumentation method. Consider using the sampling profiling method when profiling a CPU bound application.

During this profiling run, the processor (or processors) were consistently very busy. High CPU utilization can indicate a CPU-bound application. Instrumented profiles are usually not the most effective way to investigate CPU-usage scenarios. Sampling is usually more effective when you are profiling applications that spend much of their time executing instructions on the processor.

Consider profiling your application again using the sampling method instead of instrumentation method unless you require function timings or you are more interested in understanding input/output than processor bottlenecks.