This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

LINQ Portal

Documentation for LINQ appears in another section of the documentation: LINQ (Language-Integrated Query).

For convenience, relevant links are provided here.

Introduction to LINQ

Provides a general introduction to the kinds of applications that you can write and the kinds of problems that you can solve with LINQ queries.

Getting Started with LINQ in C#

Describes the basic facts you should know to understand the C# documentation and samples.

Getting Started with LINQ in Visual Basic

Describes the basic facts you should know to understand the Visual Basic documentation and samples.

How to: Create a LINQ Project

Describes the .NET Framework version, references, and namespaces required to build LINQ projects.

Visual Studio IDE and Tools Support for LINQ

Describes the Object Relational Designer, debugger support for queries, and other IDE features related to LINQ.

Standard Query Operators Overview

Provides an introduction to the standard query operators; provides links to topics for more information about each type of query operation.

LINQ to Objects

Includes links to topics that explain how to use LINQ to Objects to access in-memory data structures.


Includes links to topics that explain how to use LINQ to XML, which provides the in-memory document modification capabilities of the Document Object Model (DOM), and supports LINQ query expressions.

LINQ to ADO.NET (Portal Page)

Provides an entry point for documentation about LINQ to DataSet and LINQ to SQL. LINQ to DataSet enables you to build richer query capabilities into DataSet by using the same query functionality that is available for other data sources. LINQ to SQL provides a run-time infrastructure for managing relational data as objects.

Enabling a Data Source for LINQ Querying

Discusses ways in which you can extend LINQ to enable any data source (for example, data structures, Web services, file systems, or databases) to be queried in the LINQ pattern.

LINQ Samples and Walkthroughs

Provides links to samples and walkthroughs that demonstrate various aspects of LINQ.

Supplementary LINQ Resources

Provides links to other online sources of information about LINQ.


Explains the LINQ to SQL technology and provides links to topics that help you use LINQ to SQL.