This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


By default, the profiler collects the source code line number and line number offset data when you are using the sampling profiling method. The VSPerfCmd LineOff option disables line number data collection when VSPerfCmd is used to start the application. Profiling data is collected to the function level when LineOff is specified.

You can use LineOff only with the Launch option, and only when the profiler has been initialized to sampling by using the Start:Sample option.

VSPerfCmd.exe /Launch:AppName /LineOff[Options]

The LineOff option can only be used on a command line that contains the Launch option.


Starts the specified application and begins profiling with the sampling method.

This example starts the application and the profiler, and disables line-level sampling.

VSPerfCmd.exe /Start:Sample /Output:TestApp.exe.vsp
VSPerfCmd.exe /Launch:TestApp.exe /LineOff