Gamer Services

Gamer Services


Gamer Services Overview
Describes the functionality provided by the XNA Framework GamerServices namespace, which includes querying for LIVE accounts, retrieving player preferences for local accounts, and showing various Xbox LIVE Guide user interface screens programmatically.

Gamer Services How-Tos

How To: Use Gamertags and Gamer Pictures
Demonstrates how to retrieve gamertags and pictures using a technique that can be applied to retrieve other gamer profile information.
How To: Add Presence Information
Describes how to configure and set presence information for a player.
How To: Add Support for Game Invitations
Describes how to support game invitations for Xbox LIVE Community Games.
How To: Initialize and Update the Gamer Services Dispatcher
Describes how an application would use the GamerServicesDispatcher instead of the GamerServicesComponent for cases in which a program may not be using the XNA Framework application model or component infrastructure.
How To: Detect or Simulate Trial Mode and Present a Marketplace Offer
Demonstrates how to detect and simulate trial mode for the purpose of testing the display of a Marketplace offer that will allow a player to purchase your game.

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