Windows Automotive Application Programming Guide


The Application Programming Guide gives a design overview and explains development methods, examples, samples, and other concepts concerning middle- and high-level applications that use Windows Automotive. Since Windows Automotive is a flexible platform development package based on Platform Builder, there are many other development methods other than those introduced in this manual. Please reference this manual for the recommended development approach for an automotive information system.

This guideline consists of the following chapters:



1. Overview of Application Development

Describes application models using AUITK as the HMI.

2. Developing Custom Controls

Describes how to create custom controls for AUITK.

3. Sample Skins

Describes sample skins which combine the application samples described in Chapters 3.1 through 3.5 below.

3.1. DummyNavi

Describes a dummy map drawing application using bitmap images of a map.

3.2. Multimedia Sample Application

Describes a sample multimedia play application using GDI-Sub.

3.3. Web Browser Sample Application

Describes a sample Web Browser application using MSHTML.

3.4. XML Data Deployment Sample

Describes an XML data deployment model and a data handle sample using MSXML.

3.5. Software Input Panel Sample

Describes a sample that implements an input panel using AUITK.



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