Spell SourceType (Bing, Version 2.0)


When a query is sent to the Spell SourceType, alternative spellings for the query based on a number of criteria are proposed. The original query and the alternatives are scored and, if the highest-scoring alternative scores higher than the original, it is returned as a suggested alternative.

Request Parameters

Required Parameters

The following parameters are required for all requests:

To get results from a given SourceType, you must specify it in a SearchRequest.Sources statement.

Optional Parameters

Response Fields

Request and Response Examples

For examples of requests and responses for this SourceType specific to a given protocol, see:

Code Samples

For examples of code that sends a request that specifies this SourceType and parses the response, see Spell SourceType Code Samples.

Error Handling

For information about error messages, see Error Handling (Bing, Version 2.0).

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