Getting Started with Bing API, Version 2


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Bing API SourceTypes are transitioning to the Windows Azure Marketplace. You can access these services and relevant documentation here.

The Bing application programming interface (API) Version 2 enables developers to programmatically submit queries to, and retrieve results from, the Bing Engine. This version of the API offers support for multiple protocols.

This topic summarizes requirements for each protocol and provides instructions for provisioning applications.

Bing API Version 2 Application Development Requirements

What you need to develop applications for the Bing API depends in part on the protocol you intend to use. For more information, see Choosing the Appropriate Protocol.

Provisioning Your Application

Each application requires a unique Application ID, which is supplied by the Developer Provisioning System.

Managing Application IDs

Follow these steps to review, edit or delete a Bing API Application ID.

To view information for all applications

  1. Navigate to Bing Developer Center.

  2. Sign in with your Windows Live ID. Live ID authentication is required to use the Developer Provisioning System. The Your AppIDs page appears.

To view usage information for an application

  1. Complete the steps in the preceding section.

  2. Click the name of an application for which you want to view information. The API usage page appears.