Managing Device Updates

This section describes how to manage Device Update Service, including how to use the Device Update Service Management Console, obtain and test updates, approve updates, roll back updates, and manage log and image files.

You can use Device Update Service to keep your organization’s Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Communicator Phone Edition and RoundTable devices up-to-date. As software updates become available for either of these unified communications (UC) devices, you can download the updates from the Microsoft Web site. You can then test the updates and decide whether to approve them for deployment for your organization's UC devices.

The UC devices are programmed to check Device Update Service for approved updates every 24 hours by default, as well as whenever the device starts up and when the user signs in. When an approved update is available, Device Update Service downloads it to the device, and it is automatically installed while the device is not in use. If necessary, you can also roll back updates that have been installed to devices, restoring them to previous versions. Device Update Service stores device logs and update logs, which you can use to track updates and devices, and troubleshoot any problems.