3 Protocol Details

The client side of The Remote Administrative Interface: WINS protocol is simply a pass-through. This means that no additional timers or state are required on the client side of this protocol. Calls made by the higher-layer protocol or application are passed directly to the transport, and the results returned by the transport are passed directly back to the higher-layer protocol or application.

The WINS server supports two interfaces:

  1. winsif (section 3.1.4)

  2. winsi2 (section 3.2.4)

To support both interfaces, client applications are responsible for implementing mechanisms to manage memory such as the following:

  • midl_user_allocate: Allocates memory for RPC input and output parameters.

  • midl_user_free: Frees memory used by RPC input and output parameters.

Clients SHOULD call midl_user_allocate to allocate memory for any input pointer arguments to the RPC methods. The client RPC stub MUST send the input data to the server and then SHOULD free that memory by calling midl_user_free. Similarly, when the client RPC stub receives a response from server, it SHOULD call midl_user_allocate to allocate memory for all output pointer arguments. Client applications SHOULD free this memory by calling midl_user_free.