9 Change Tracking

This section identifies changes that were made to this document since the last release. Changes are classified as Major, Minor, or None.

The revision class Major means that the technical content in the document was significantly revised. Major changes affect protocol interoperability or implementation. Examples of major changes are:

  • A document revision that incorporates changes to interoperability requirements.

  • A document revision that captures changes to protocol functionality.

The revision class Minor means that the meaning of the technical content was clarified. Minor changes do not affect protocol interoperability or implementation. Examples of minor changes are updates to clarify ambiguity at the sentence, paragraph, or table level.

The revision class None means that no new technical changes were introduced. Minor editorial and formatting changes may have been made, but the relevant technical content is identical to the last released version.

The changes made to this document are listed in the following table. For more information, please contact dochelp@microsoft.com.



Revision class Server Behavior of the IDL_DRSAddSidHistory Method

Updated srcCxt to srcCtx in the "srcCxt := ConnectToDCWithCreds(srcDomainController," line of the pseudocode.

Major EXOP_ERR Codes

Updated an error code from EXOP_ERR_PARAM_ERROR to EXOP_ERR_PARAM_ERR.


7304 : Added member llUnused to structure PROPERTY_META_DATA. Minor revisions to descriptions of attrType, and propMetadataExt.

Major UpdateRevealedList

7304 : Added  llUnused to list.

Major ProcessFsmoRoleRequest

Added code fragments and updated code fragments.

major ComposeKeyCredentialLinkForComputer

Replaced instances of DSTIME with FILETIME in the pseudocode.