5.54 ENTINF_GetValue

 procedure ENTINF_GetValue (
   entInf: ENTINF,
   attribute: ATTRTYP,
   prefixTable: PrefixTable): ATTRVAL

Informative summary of behavior: The ENTINF_GetValue procedure scans an ENTINF structure and returns the first ATTRVAL structure for the requested attribute. The attribute parameter is based on dc.prefixTable, while the attributes within entInf are based on the prefixTable parameter.

 attrType: ATTRTYP
 oid : OID
 oid := OidFromAttid(dc.prefixTable, attribute)
 attrType := MakeAttid(prefixTable, oid)
 for each i in [0 .. entInf.AttrBlock.attrCount -1] do
   if (entInf.AttrBlock.pAttr[i].attrTyp = attrType) and
      (entInf.AttrBlock.pAttr[i].AttrVal.valCount > 0) then
     return entInf.AttrBlock.pAttr[i].AttrVal.pAVal[0]
 return null