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Note: Some of the information in this section is subject to change because it applies to a preliminary product version, and thus may differ from the final version of the software when released. All behavior notes that pertain to the preliminary product version contain specific references to it in the Product Behavior appendix.

The REPLVALINF_V1 structure defines a concrete type for the identity and stamp of a link value.

 typedef struct {
   DSNAME* pObject;
   ATTRTYP attrTyp;
   ATTRVAL Aval;
   BOOL fIsPresent;

pObject: Identifies the object with the attribute that contains the link value.

attrTyp: An attribute that contains the link value.

Aval: The link value.

fIsPresent: FALSE if and only if the link value has been removed from the attribute.

MetaData: The stamp associated with the link value.

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