Embedded and Shared Data Sources (Report Builder 2.0)

In Report Builder 2.0, you can use two types of data source connections in your report: shared data sources, which are published to a report server and available to many reports, and embedded data sources, which are report-specific. Both types of data sources provide the same information: a connection string that describes where the data is located and credentials to access the data. The difference between the two is in how they are created, stored, and managed.

In Report Builder 2.0, you can browse to published data source connections on a report server and include a reference to them in your report, or, if needed, create embedded data source connections.

A shared data source is a separate item, stored on the report server, which describes a data source connection. It is reusable across multiple reports. Shared data sources are stored on the report server and can be managed separately from reports. For example, a report server administrator might update the connection string or credentials.

Shared data sources are useful when you have data sources that you use often. It is recommended that you use shared data sources as much as possible. They make reports and report access easier to manage, and help to keep reports and the data sources they access more secure. You cannot create a shared data source in Report Builder 2.0. If you need a shared data source, ask your system administrator to create one for you.

To use a shared data source in your report, in the New Table, New Matrix, or New Chart wizard, or in the Data Source Properties dialog box, browse to and select a shared data source from the folder on the report server where shared data sources are stored. The following icon indicates a shared data source item in the report server folder hierarchy:

shared data source icon

Shared data source icon

An embedded data source connection is saved in the report definition. Embedded data source connection information can be used only by the report in which it is embedded. To define and manage embedded data sources, use the Data Source Properties dialog box.

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