How to: Select a Cube (Report Builder 2.0)

You can use a cube data structure from a SQL Server Analysis Services data source in a report. To select a cube, you must have a valid connection to an Analysis Services database for an existing data source, and an existing dataset. For more information, see How to: Retrieve Data from an Analysis Services Cube (MDX) (Report Builder 2.0).

To select a cube

  1. In the Analysis Services MDX Query Designer, on the query designer toolbar, click the cube selection (...) button.


    The cube selection button is located to the right of the cube name in the upper left corner of the query designer. For more information, see Analysis Services MDX Query Designer User Interface (Report Builder 2.0)

  2. In Cube Selection, select the cube that you want to use in your query.

  3. Click OK. 

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