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FMAPI Functions

FMAPI Functions

The following functions are used with FMAPI.

Note  FMAPI can only be used in the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and later. Applications that use FMAPI must license WinPE.
CloseFileRestoreContext Closes the context that is used to restore files and unlocks the volume of the file system if it was locked.
CreateFileRestoreContext Initializes the context that is used to restore files. The context can be created for an existing recognized volume or for an unrecognized (lost) volume.
DetectBootSector Validates the correctness of the volume boot sector and provides data that is used to access the internal on-disk structures of the file system.
DetectEncryptedVolume Determines if the volume is encrypted with BitLocker technology and if it is encrypted, the function determines if it is unlocked.
DetectEncryptedVolumeEx Determines whether the volume is encrypted with BitLocker technology. If the volume is encrypted, the function determines whether it is unlocked. This function is identical to the DetectEncryptedVolume function, except that it has an additional VolumeSize parameter.
RestoreFile Copies a removed or regular file from a volume that is defined in the file restore context to a new file on an available logical drive.
ScanRestorableFiles Identifies all files that are available to be restored.
SupplyDecryptionInfo Provides the full path for a file that contains a decryption key and provides a BitLocker information block that is stored in Active Directory.




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