Technical reference for VSTS and TFS

This technical reference provides you with reference material useful in understanding, managing, configuring, and customizing your on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) or managing your team projects hosted in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).



Create a team project

Connect to team projects in Team Foundation Server

Describes how to create a team project, the first step in access the DevOps and Agile tools provided.

Describes how to connect to a team project from the web portal and various Team Foundation clients.

Manage users or groups

Describes how to create groups and give users and groups access to features and functions.

Configure and customize Agile tools for a team project

Describes ways to configure and customize features used to plan and track work.

Architecture reference

Understand the underlying architecture of TFS, including naming conventions, service, database, and client architecture, and compatibility with different versions of clients.

Permission reference for Team Foundation Server

A complete list of all the configurable permissions and the default groups that have access to permissions.

Command-line tools for TFS

Team Foundation Build Commands

Command-line tools you can use to manage the various aspects of TFS.

Work item field and database schema reference

A description of each field used to track work items, and more.

XML element reference

Modify the XML to customize your team project to support specific processes and practices that your team uses.

Extending Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management

Customize some aspects of Visual Studio to extend existing features or to add new capabilities if you have special requirements.

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