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ProjectInstance Properties

The ProjectInstance type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property DefaultTargets Gets or sets the list of default targets for this project.
Public property Directory Gets the project root directory. Used for evaluation of relative paths and setting the current directory during build. Is never null: projects not loaded from disk use the current directory from the time the build started.
Public property FullPath Gets the full path to the project file. Used for logging.
Public property GlobalProperties Gets the dictionary of global properties this project was evaluated with, if any.
Public property InitialTargets Gets the list of initial targets for the project and all its imports, depth-first. These targets are built before any other targets.
Public property IsImmutable Gets a flag indicating that the project instance is immutable. This flag is set permanently when the instance is created.
Public property ItemDefinitions Gets a read-only dictionary of the item definitions in the project, keyed by item type.
Public property Items Gets all items in this project.
Public property ItemTypes Gets all item types in this project.
Public property ProjectFileLocation Gets the location of the originating file itself. Never null.
Public property Properties Gets all properties in this project.
Public property Targets Gets an enumerator over all targets in this project. This collection is read-only.
Public property ToolsVersion Gets the tools version this project was evaluated with, if any.
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