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ICLRMetaHost::EnumerateLoadedRuntimes Method

Returns an enumeration that includes a valid ICLRRuntimeInfo interface pointer for each version of the common language runtime (CLR) that is loaded in a given process. This method supersedes the GetVersionFromProcess function.

HRESULT EnumerateLoadedRuntimes (
    [in] HANDLE hndProcess,
    [out, retval] IEnumUnknown **ppEnumerator


[in] The handle of the process to inspect for loaded runtimes.


[out] An IEnumUnknown enumeration of ICLRRuntimeInfo interfaces corresponding to each CLR that is loaded by the process.

This method returns the following specific HRESULTs as well as HRESULT errors that indicate method failure.




The method completed successfully.


ppEnumerator is null.

This method is lists all loaded runtimes, even if they were loaded with deprecated functions such as CorBindToRuntime.

Platforms: See .NET Framework System Requirements.

Header: MetaHost.h

Library: Included as a resource in MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: 4

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