How to: Add and Modify a Line (Report Builder 2.0)

You can add lines to your report to separate sections of the report or in other ways enhance its appearance. You can customize the appearance of the line by editing line properties such as color or style. For example, you might want to incorporate company colors into the report.

To add a line

  1. On the Insert tab, click Line.

  2. On the design surface, click where you want one end of the line, and then click where you want the other end.

    Note that as you move the end of the line, "snap lines" appear as the end lines up with other objects on the design surface. These help you if you want objects to be aligned.

  3. To change the line properties, select the line on the design surface and then edit its properties in the Border section of the Home tab.


    If you set the line style to Double and the line width is 1 1/2 pt or narrower, the line may not appear double when you run the report in Report Builder 2.0 or in Report Manager. It will appear double when you export the report to other formats such as Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF.

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