The DRS_MSG_ADDENTRYREPLY_V3 structure defines the response message received from the IDL_DRSAddEntry method.

 typedef struct {
   DSNAME* pdsErrObject;
   DWORD dwErrVer;
   [switch_is(dwErrVer)] DRS_ERROR_DATA* pErrData;
   [range(0,10000)] ULONG cObjectsAdded;
   [size_is(cObjectsAdded)] ADDENTRY_REPLY_INFO* infoList;

pdsErrObject: Null, or the identity of the object that was being added when an error occurred.

dwErrVer: MUST be set to 1.

pErrData: Null, or an error that occurred while processing the request.

cObjectsAdded: The count of items in the infoList array.

infoList: The identities of the added objects. The item order matches the item order of values in the EntInfList field in the request structure.