4.1.12 IDL_DRSGetObjectExistence (Opnum 23)

The IDL_DRSGetObjectExistence method helps the client check the consistency of object existence between its replica of an NC and the server's replica of the same NC. Checking the consistency of object existence means identifying objects that have replicated to both replicas and that exist in one replica but not in the other. For the purposes of this method, an object exists within a NC replica if it is either an object or a tombstone.

See IDL_DRSReplicaVerifyObjects for a use of this method.

 ULONG IDL_DRSGetObjectExistence(
   [in, ref] DRS_HANDLE hDrs,
   [in] DWORD dwInVersion,
   [in, ref, switch_is(dwInVersion)] 
     DRS_MSG_EXISTREQ* pmsgIn,
   [out, ref] DWORD* pdwOutVersion,
   [out, ref, switch_is(*pdwOutVersion)] 

hDrs: The RPC context handle returned by the IDL_DRSBind method.

dwInVersion: The version of the request message.

pmsgIn: A pointer to the request message.

pdwOutVersion: A pointer to the version of the response message.

pmsgOut: A pointer to the response message.

Return Values: 0 if successful, otherwise a Windows error code.

Exceptions Thrown: This method might throw the following exceptions beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol (as specified in [MS-RPCE]): ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, ERROR_DS_DRS_EXTENSIONS_CHANGED, ERROR_DS_DIFFERENT_REPL_EPOCHS, and  ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.