The DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V1 structure defines the response message received from the IDL_DRSGetNCChanges method.

 typedef struct {
   UUID uuidDsaObjSrc;
   UUID uuidInvocIdSrc;
   [unique] DSNAME* pNC;
   USN_VECTOR usnvecFrom;
   USN_VECTOR usnvecTo;
   [unique] UPTODATE_VECTOR_V1_EXT* pUpToDateVecSrcV1;
   ULONG ulExtendedRet;
   ULONG cNumObjects;
   ULONG cNumBytes;
   [unique] REPLENTINFLIST* pObjects;
   BOOL fMoreData;

uuidDsaObjSrc: DSA GUID of the server DC.

uuidInvocIdSrc: Invocation ID of the server DC.

pNC: The NC root of the replica to replicate or the FSMO role object for an extended operation.

usnvecFrom: Data used to correlate calls to IDL_DRSGetNCChanges.

usnvecTo: Data used to correlate calls to IDL_DRSGetNCChanges.

pUpToDateVecSrcV1: Stamp filter that describes updates the server has already applied.

PrefixTableSrc: Table for translating ATTRTYP values in the response to OIDs.

ulExtendedRet: 0 or an EXOP_ERR code (section

cNumObjects: Count of items in the pObjects linked list.

cNumBytes: Size in bytes of items in or referenced by elements in the pObjects linked list.

pObjects: Linked list of object updates that the client applies to its NC replica.

fMoreData: False if and only if this is the last response in a replication cycle.