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Note: Some of the information in this section is subject to change because it applies to an unreleased, preliminary version of the Windows Server operating system, and thus may differ from the final version of the server software when released. All behavior notes that pertain to the unreleased, preliminary version of the Windows Server operating system contain specific references to Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview in the Product Behavior appendix.

The DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V7 structure defines a compressed DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V6 or DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V9 message received from the IDL_DRSGetNCChanges method.

 typedef struct {
   DWORD dwCompressedVersion;
   DRS_COMP_ALG_TYPE CompressionAlg;

dwCompressedVersion: Version of the response in CompressedAny; MUST be set to 6 or 9.

CompressionAlg: Algorithm used to compress the response.

CompressedAny: Compressed DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V6 or DRS_MSG_GETCHGREPLY_V9 response.

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