Working in Report Builder 2.0

The Report Builder 2.0 window is designed to help you easily organize your report resources and quickly build the reports you need. The design surface is at the center of the window, with the Ribbon above and the Report Data, Grouping, and Properties panes to the left, below, and right. The design surface is where you add and organize your report items. The Ribbon organizes traditional menu items into categories that you can easily find and use. The panes help you to select and organize your report resources, and change report item properties. For more information about each Report Builder 2.0 window item, see the table below.

Design view of Report Builder 2.0

Understanding the Design Surface (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn more about the main work area for designing your reports.

Working with and without a Report Server (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn about the benefits you get working with a report server either on its own or integrated into a SharePoint site.

Working with the Ribbon (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn how to use the Ribbon to quickly find the commands that you need to complete tasks.

Working with the Report Data Pane (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn more about how to organize your report resources, such as data sources, datasets, parameters, and images.

Working with the Properties Pane (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn how you can set property values using the Properties pane.

Working with the Grouping Pane (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn how you can use the Grouping pane to create and work with your report groups.

Running the Report (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn how to switch between designing and running the report.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Report Builder 2.0)

Learn how to use the keyboard to navigate in the Report Builder 2.0 authoring environment.