Creating Report Datasets from a Hyperion Essbase Data Source (Report Builder 2.0)

Report Builder 2.0 provides a data processing extension that supports multidimensional data retrieval from a Hyperion Essbase data source. This data processing extension provides a graphical query designer to help you explore data on the underlying data source and select the data to use in your dataset.

After you connect to a Hyperion Essbase data source, you can define a dataset that specifies the data to retrieve during report processing. For more information, see How to: Create a Dataset (Report Builder 2.0).

You can use the graphical query designer in Design or Query mode to build a Multidimensional Expression (MDX) query by browsing the underlying data structures on the data source. At design time, you can interactively run a query from the query designer to see the results. The query you build defines fields in the dataset. At run time, the actual data is returned from the data source. Use the graphical query designer to perform the following actions:

As you build queries, the query designer automatically adds default properties to the MDX query. To include properties other than default properties, you must manually modify the MDX query. For more information, see Using Extended Field Properties for a Hyperion Essbase Cube (Report Builder 2.0).

For more information about the graphical query designer interface, see Hyperion Essbase Query Designer User Interface (Report Builder 2.0).

Not all report delivery modes are supported by this data provider. Delivering reports through data-driven subscriptions is not supported for this data processing extension. For more information, see "Using an External Data Source for Subscriber Data" in the Reporting Services documentation in SQL Server Books Online.

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