Microsoft.Dss.Services.AssemblyEmbeddedResourceService.Proxy Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class AssemblyResourceServiceOperations
Assembly Resource Service operations port
Public class CombinedOperationsPort
Public class Contract
Public class Delete
Delete. Request to remove HTTP access to assembly embedded resources
Public class DeleteType
Delete request body
Public class DirectoryItem
A representation of an item contained in a prefix directory.
Public class Insert
Insert. Request to expose through HTTP embedded resources for a given assembly
Public class InsertResponse
Insert response body
Public class InsertType
Insert request body If the contract is not specified, the AssemblyLocation must be. The prefix must not be an absolute URI.
Public class QueryBytes
Query for raw bytes from a mountpoint resource
Public class QueryBytesRequest
Query for binary resource data
Public class QueryBytesResponse
Response with binary resource data
Public class ResourceDirectory
A representation of the /resources/ directory
Public class ResourceQuery
A resource query
Public class ResourceQueryRequest
Public class StateType
Service State
Public class Subscribe
Subscribe operation. Request notifications when an assembly or resource is inserted or deleted
Public class SubscribeFilter
Filter keywords for a filtered subscribe request
Public class SubscribeRequest
SubscribeRequest. Request notifications when an assembly or resource is inserted or deleted