Microsoft.Dss.Services.ControlPanel.Proxy Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class CombinedOperationsPort
Public class Contract
Contract definition
Public class ControlPanelOperations
Control Panel service operations port
Public class ControlPanelState
Public class DropProcess
Public class DropProcessBody
Drops the control panel (node shutdown) and optionally kills the hosting process.
Public class Get
Public class InstalledService
Minimal description of an installed service
Public class ManifestRecord
Description of manifest file for a particular service contract
Public class TypeDescription
Description of a Dss service type
Public class TypeFinder
Information on type name and host assembly
Public class TypeMember
Description of a member field or property in a Dss service type
Public class UpdateRuntimeConfiguration
Updates runtime configuration
Public class UpdateRuntimeConfigurationRequest
Updates DSS runtime configuration