PidTagRuleId Canonical Property

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Specifies a unique identifier the messaging server generates for each rule when the rule is first created.

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Server Side Rules

The client must not specify this property when creating a new rule but must specify it when modifying or deleting a rule.

When deleting a rule, the only property the client must pass is PR_RULE_ID and should not pass in any other property. The server must ignore properties other than this property. When adding a rule, the client must not pass in PR_RULE_ID, it must pass in the PR_RULE_CONDITION (PidTagRuleCondition), PR_RULE_ACTIONS (PidTagRuleActions) and PR_RULE_PROVIDER (PidTagRuleProvider) properties. When modifying a rule, the client must pass in PR_RULE_ID and should pass in the rest of the properties that need to be modified.

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