Federated Search Virtual Earth Map Connector Sample [Search Server 2008]

By using the Federated Search Web Part, you can display more than results from OpenSearch (1.0/1.1) sites on your search results page. The same lightweight interface, or connector, that enables you to display the Federated Search SQL Server Connector Sample [Search Server 2008] and to Federated Search HTML to RSS Connector Sample [Search Server 2008] can also be used to display the results of Web service requests.

This sample demonstrates that you can extend the connector concept to Web service requests other than search queries. It shows how to use a connector to pass a structured address string to the Microsoft MapPoint Web service to obtain the latitude and longitude coordinates of that address. After you have those coordinates, displaying a Microsoft Virtual Earth map requires only the addition of some ECMAScript code (JScript, JavaScript) to your Federated Location definition file.

For the download, which includes the complete code for the Federated Search Virtual Earth Map Connector sample application, see Federated Search Connector for Virtual Earth Maps Sample.


To use the Federated Search Virtual Earth Map Connector sample, you must have a MapPoint developer account. Your environment must have the following installed:

  • Microsoft Search Server 2008

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Microsoft Visual C# enabled

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