This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ConferenceServices Methods

The ConferenceServices type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginCancelConferenceDeletes the scheduled conference.
Public methodBeginCheckPasscodeIsOptionalChecks if the conference passcode is optional.
Public methodBeginGetConferenceGets the conference settings for a specific conference.
Public methodBeginGetConferenceSummariesGets the basic conference settings for the currently scheduled conferences.
Public methodBeginGetConferenceUriByPhoneConferenceId
Public methodBeginGetConferencingCapabilities
Public methodBeginScheduleConferenceInitiates the scheduling of a conference.
Public methodBeginUpdateConferenceInitiates the creation of a conference.
Public methodBeginVerifyPasscodeVerifies if the supplied passcode is valid for the conference.
Public methodEndCancelConferenceGet the results from scheduling a conference.
Public methodEndCheckPasscodeIsOptionalGets the results of checking if the conference passcode is optional.
Public methodEndGetConferenceGets the results from the retrieval attempt.
Public methodEndGetConferenceSummariesGets the results from the retrieval attempt.
Public methodEndGetConferenceUriByPhoneConferenceId
Public methodEndGetConferencingCapabilities
Public methodEndScheduleConferenceGets the results from conference create request.
Public methodEndUpdateConferenceGets the results from conference create request.
Public methodEndVerifyPasscodeGets the result of verifying the passcode.
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Public methodStatic memberGenerateAnonymousUriGenerates an anonymous URI.
Public methodStatic memberGenerateConferenceIdGenerates a syntactically valid conference ID.
Public methodStatic memberGenerateNumericPasscodeGenerates a numeric conference passcode of the given length.
Public methodStatic memberGeneratePasscodeGenerates a conference passcode for use in the conference.
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