This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration Namespace

Public classActiveConferenceServiceRepresents a service that the participant may be using and indicates whether the service is active.
Public classApplicationEndpointType of endpoint for communication on behalf of services and applications.
Public classApplicationEndpointSettingsRepresents the settings needed to initialize an ApplicationEndpoint.
Public classAutoAcceptNeededEventArgs
Public classCallRepresents a basic call to handle an SDP offer/answer based invite session.
Public classCallAcceptOptionsOptional parameter for accepting the call.
Public classCallDeclineOptionsOptional parameter for declining the incoming call.
Public classCallDialogContext[Value Needed].
Public classCallEstablishOptionsOptional parameter for establishing the call.
Public classCallForwardOptionsOptional parameter for forwarding the call.
Public classCallForwardReceivedEventArgsRepresents the event argument for handling the forwarded call.
Public classCallMessageDataCallMessageData wraps SipMessageData and exposes call specific headers.
Public classCallParticipantEndpointPropertiesRepresents the call specific properties of the remote participant endpoint in a call.
Public classCallProvisionalResponseOptionsOptional parameter for sending the provisional response on an incoming call.
Public classCallProvisionalResponseReceivedEventArgsRepresents the event argument to give information when a provisional response is received.
Public classCallReceivedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TCall>)>)>Contains information regarding an incoming call.
Public classCallReceivedEventArgsBaseContains information regarding an incoming call.
Public classCallStateChangedEventArgsCallStateChangedEventArgs is the eventArg for the Call StateChanged event.
Public classCallTransferOptionsCall transfer options class is used to specify the various transfer options available while initiating a transfer request on a call.
Public classCallTransferReceivedEventArgsRepresents the event argument for handling transfer received event.
Public classClientPlatformSettingsRepresents the settings typically used for creating a client platform instance.
Public classCollaborationPlatformRepresents the collaboration platform instance that is necessary for using the collaboration API.
Public classCollaborationPlatformSettingsRepresents the base class for settings used to create an instance of CollaborationPlatform class.
Public classCommandFailureReasonsConstants defining known command failure codes.
Public classComposingStateChangedEventArgsExposes data relevant for RemoteComposingStateChanged event.
Public classConferenceThe class description.
Public classConferenceCommandResponseContains basic information about a completed command.
Public classConferenceFailureExceptionDefines the exception associated with a parsing of header.
Public classConferenceInvitationClass to build, send, receive and respond to conference invitations.
Public classConferenceInvitationAcceptOptions
Public classConferenceInvitationDeclineOptions
Public classConferenceInvitationReceivedEventArgsData structure containing the arguments for the incoming ConferenceInvitationReceived event.
Public classConferenceInvitationResponseReports results of a conference invitation.
Public classConferenceInvitationStateChangedEventArgsCallStateChangedEventArgs is the eventArg for the Call StateChanged event.
Public classConferenceJoinInformationContains information needed for advanced conference join scenarios.
Public classConferenceParticipantEndpointPropertiesThis class is used to report property values for participant endpoints with the focus.
Public classConferenceSessionContains the class description.
Public classConferenceSessionPropertiesProperties of the conference.
Public classConferencingCapabilitiesConferencing capabilities.
Public classConversationThe class description.
Public classConversationChangedEventArgsRepresents the event argument used for ConversationChanged event in a call that allows the conversation to be changed.
Public classConversationParticipantRepresents a participant in the conversation.
Public classConversationPriorityConversation Priority values.
Public classConversationPropertiesRepresents the properties of a conversation used for property changed event.
Public classConversationSettingsCaptures the initial conversation settings such as subject and priority.
Public classDeliveryNotificationReceivedEventArgsProvides information regarding the delivery status of a previously sent message.
Public classDiversionContext
Public classDivertedDestination
Public classEscalateToConferenceRequestedEventArgs
Public classInstantMessageIdProvides a unique identification for an instant message.
Public classInstantMessageReceivedEventArgsExposes the data in an incoming message from the conversation.
Public classInstantMessagingCallProvides the ability to send/receive instant messaging calls.
Public classInstantMessagingFlow[Value Needed].
Public classInstantMessagingFlowConfigurationRequestedEventArgs
Public classInstantMessagingFlowTemplateRepresents settings for InstantMessagingFlow.
Public classInstantMessagingMcuParticipantEndpointPropertiesClass to hold properties for participants joined to the Instant Messaging MCU.
Public classInstantMessagingMcuSessionAllows requests to be made to the Instant Messaging MCU.
Public classInviteParticipantUpdateEventArgsThis class represents information for feedback to the application regarding pending AddParticipants operation in a conversation.
Public classLocalEndpointRepresents an endpoint that is the basis for all communications.
Public classLocalEndpointSettingsRepresents the settings needed to initialize an LocalEndpoint.
Public classLocalEndpointStateChangedEventArgsIndicates changes in LocalEndpointState.
Public classMcuDialOutOptionsMCU Dial-out options.
Public classMcuInformationDescribes an allocated conference MCU address.
Public classMcuMediaChannel
Public classMcuSession
Public classMcuSessionPropertiesClass is used to communicate parsed MCU properties in an MCU implementation.
Public classMcuTransferOptionsMCU Transfer options.
Public classMediaChannelEstablishmentData
Public classMediaFlowStateChangedEventArgsEventArgs for MediaFlow.
Public classMediaTroubleshootingDataReportedEventArgs
Public classMediaTypeThe names of media types.
Public classMessageDeliveryFailureData
Public classMimePartContentDescriptionRepresents content description that can go into a mime part.
Public classOfferAnswerExceptionOfferAnswerException is for the MediaProvider APIs to indicate the following: Cannot generate the offer SDP.
Public classParticipantAttendanceChangedEventArgsThis class represents information regarding participants that get added or removed in a conversation, conference or MCU.
Public classParticipantEndpointRepresents an endpoint for a participant in the conversation.
Public classParticipantEndpointAttendanceChangedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TProperties>)>)>[Value Needed].
Public classParticipantEndpointPropertiesChangedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TProperties>)>)>[Value Needed].
Public classParticipantPropertiesChangedEventArgs
Public classParticipantPropertiesChangedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TProperties>)>)>[Value Needed].
Public classPlatformExtensionClass which holds common functionality for all extensions to the platform.
Public classPlatformExtensionTypeThe list of supported extension types.
Public classPropertiesChangedEventArgs<(Of <(<'TProperties>)>)>[Value Needed].
Public classRemoteParticipantChangedEventArgsRepresents the event argument used for RemoteParticipantChanged event in a call that is raised when the remote participant that accepted the call is different from the original participant or cannot be verified as matching the original participant.
Public classRePublishingRequiredEventArgs
Public classSdpAnswerSdpAnswer, contains the Sdp answer message being sent out or received from remote endpoint.
Public classSdpContentDescriptionSdpContentDescription class contains the contented, content type and content body.
Public classSdpOfferSdpOffer contains the sdp offer message received from the remote endpoint or the sdp offer being sent to the remote endpoint.
Public classServerPlatformSettingsRepresents the settings typically used for creating a server platform instance.
Public classToastMessageRepresents the toast message that can be sent along with an instant messaging invitation.
Public classTransferStateChangedEventArgsTransferStateChangedEventArgs is the eventArg for the TransferStateChanged event.
Public classTrustedDomain
Public classUserEndpointType of endpoint for communications on behalf of real users.
Public classUserEndpointSettingsRepresents the settings needed to initialize a User endpoint.

Public delegateIncomingCallDelegate<(Of <(<'TCall>)>)>Represents the delegate signature of a typical handler for an application to handle a call of type ?????? .

Public enumerationCallStateAn enumeration of possible call states.
Public enumerationCallStateTransitionReasonReason for call state transition.
Public enumerationCallTransferTypeType of call transfer - Attended or Unattended.
Public enumerationCapabilitySupport[Value Needed].
Public enumerationCommandStatusCodeContains the known command status codes.
Public enumerationComposingStateRepresents the composing state for local or remote participant.
Public enumerationConferenceAccessMethodIndicates whether the client is accessing from inside or outside the organization.
Public enumerationConferenceAuthenticationMethodTypes of authentication methods.
Public enumerationConferenceEndpointStateStatus of the conference endpoint.
Public enumerationConferenceInvitationStateAn enumeration of possible conference invitation states.
Public enumerationConferenceInvitationStateTransitionReasonReason for conference invitation state transition.
Public enumerationConferenceInvitationStatusAn enumeration of the possible responses to a conference invitation.
Public enumerationConferenceJoinMethodIndication on how the conference was joined.
Public enumerationConferenceSessionStateThe state of the conference session.
Public enumerationConferencingRoleThe role to use for this session participant.
Public enumerationConferencingRosterVisibility
Public enumerationConversationChangedReason
Public enumerationConversationStateRepresents the possible states for a conversation.
Public enumerationDiversionContextSource
Public enumerationEndpointSubtype
Public enumerationEndpointTypeIndicates the type of the endpoint.
Public enumerationInstantMessageConsumptionModeIndicates the behavior of application regarding how it handles instant messages.
Public enumerationInstantMessagingFormatStandard commonly used message formats.
Public enumerationLocalEndpointStateReflects the state of the endpoint.
Public enumerationMcuMediaChannelStatus
Public enumerationMcuSessionStateThe states for the MCU Session.
Public enumerationMediaChannelEstablishmentDiagnosticsReason
Public enumerationMediaChannelEstablishmentStatus
Public enumerationMediaFlowStateRepresents the possible states for a media flow.
Public enumerationOfferAnswerFailureReasonFailure reason, it is used with OfferAnswerException to indicate the reason for the error.
Public enumerationPrivacyOptionsVarious privacy options that will be part of Ms-Sensitivity-Header.
Public enumerationSdpAnswerStatusStatus of the SdpAnswer.
Public enumerationSourceNetworkIndicates the network type from which a person is connecting.
Public enumerationTrustedDomainMode