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The GetScheme function returns the scheme associated with the SIP URI.


string GetScheme(
  string uri



A string containing the URI whose scheme is returned. The function accepts only a valid SIP URI string in the following form: "Display Name" <sip:user@host:port;param=value> where "Display Name", :port and ;param=value are optional. The scheme value in a SIP URI occurs before, and is separated by a colon from, the user name. For example, GetScheme("") returns the scheme "sip".

Return Values

Returns the scheme as a string. Returns null if the requested data is not found or if the URI passed in is not a valid SIP URI in the form specified above. Live Communications Server 2003 applications that pass non-SIP URI strings to this function need to be modified to work properly with Office Communications Server 2007.


The scheme value occurs in a SIP URI before the hostname and is separated by a colon. For example, a URI with a "sip" scheme appears as "".