Microsoft.Dss.Core.ContractModel Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class AssemblyInfo
Represents information about the assembly from which the service summary was reflected.
Public class AssemblyServiceInfo
Represents a collection of services and their data types

An assembly service info contains all services reflected from the same assembly
Public class ClsCompliantInfo
Represents information about the CLS compliance of an assembly or member
Public class CommentedElement
Base class for elements that can have xml doc comments
Public class ConstructorParameterSettings
Indicates the constructor parameter settings of a data member
Public class Contract
Contains the identifier of the namespace for the elements of the Dss Contract Model
Public class ContractElement
Base class for elements of data contracts, service contracts and data members
Public class ContractIdentifierCollection
Represents a list of contracts
Public class DataContractBase
Base class for data contracts
Public class DataContractBaseCollection
Represents a list of data contracts
Public class DataContractInfo
Represents a data contract
Public class DataContractReference
Represents the reference to a data type
Public class DataContractReferenceCollection
Represents a list of data contract references
Public class DataMemberCollection
Represents a list of data members
Public class DataMemberInfo
Represents a data member
Public class DssCategoryInfo
Represents a dss category
Public class DssCategoryInfoCollection
Represents a list of dss categories
Public class DsspOperationContractInfo
Represents a DSS message type
Public class DsspOperationSummary
Represents a summary of a DSSP operation
Public class DsspOperationSummaryCollection
Represents a list of DSSP operation summaries
Public class EnumerationDataContractInfo
Represents an enumeration as data contract
Public class EnumerationValueInfo
Represent a value in an enumeration
Public class EnumerationValueInfoCollection
Represents a list of enumeration values
Public class InitialStatePartnerInfo
Represents a service contract
Public class PartnerInfo
Represents a partner of a service
Public class PartnerInfoCollection
Represents a list of partners
Public class PortSetContractInfo
Represents a PortSet
Public class ResourceInfo
Represents an embedded resource
Public class ResourceInfoCollection
Represents a list of resources
Public class ServiceActivationInfo
Represents the activation settings for a service class
Public class ServiceContractInfo
Represents a service contract
Public class ServiceContractInfoCollection
Represents a list of service contracts
Public class ServiceDescriptionInfo
Represents the service description attribute
Public class ServiceInfoBase
Base class for ServiceContractInfo and ServiceSummary
Public class ServicePortInfo
Represent a service port
Public class ServicePortInfoCollection
Represents a list of service ports
Public class ServicePortSummary
Represents a summary of a service port
Public class ServicePortSummaryCollection
Represents a list of service port summaries
Public class ServiceSummary
Represents a summary of a service contract model
Public class ServiceSummaryCollection
Represents a list of service summaries
Public class ServiceSummaryList
Represents a service assembly summary
Public class XmlDocComment
Contains the xml doc comment

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataContractKind
Represents the kind of a data contract
Public enumeration DataMemberKind
Specifies the kind of a data member
Public enumeration DsspAction
Represents a DSSP action in the service summary