Using File Input/Output and Storage Media

This topic introduces the classes available for managing file I/O and storage media.

In its System.IO namespace, the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework now provides a subset of the desktop .NET Framework APIs for managing files, directories and paths, including classes such as:

FileSystemInfo class
Path class
File class
FileInfo class
Directory class
DirectoryInfo class
Stream class
FileStream class
MemoryStream class
StreamReader class
StreamWriter class
TextReader class
TextWriter class

These all work essentially the same as their desktop counterparts.

In addition, the Microsoft.SPOT.IO namespace provides a number of classes for managing storage media, including removable media that can be inserted and ejected:

VolumeInfo class
RemovableMedia class
MediaEventArgs class

Because these managed APIs rely on file storage and block storage APIs exposed in the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit, ODMs and OEMs using the porting kit can support them on any storage device.