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Generic Sonar

Generic Sonar

The Generic Sonar service enables you to access data from a sonar sensor, including information about the current distance measurement and angular range and resolution. Sonar sensors use sound waves (typically ultrasonic) to determine distance. Since some materials can absorb sounds or may bounce off outside the incoming detector's range, the sensor can be unreliable when used by itself. Therefore multiple sonar sensors are generally used in a ring-like arrangement to make up for some of these limitations.

The Generic Sonar service provides the following operations.

GetReturns the entire state of the encoder service.
SonarUpdateChanges or notifies a change to the state of the sonar.

The SonarUpdate operation is also available as a notification.

The state of a sonar sensor is represented by the following properties:

AngularRangedoubleSpecifies the sonar's scanning angle.
AngularResolutiondoubleSpecifies the smallest of the detectable features in radians.
DistanceMeasurementdoubleSpecifies the sonar's distance reading.
DistanceMeasurementsarray of doubleSpecifies a set of distance readings.
HardwareIdentifierintIdentifies the hardware port the sonar sensor uses.
MaxDistanceintSpecifies the maximum distance the sonar sensor can read.
PosePoseIndicates the position and orientation of the sonar sensor.
TimeStampDateTimeIndicates the timestamp of the sonar's reading.


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