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Desktop Joystick

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The Desktop Joystick service provides a window that includes controls that emulate the capabilities of a game controller or joystick and so can be used in place of a physical joystick. It can also be used as an on-screen viewer of a physical joystick (by using this service as a partner to the Game Controller service).

Desktop Joystick

This service offers the similar operations as those supported by the Game Controller service. However, the Desktop Joystick only generates UpdateAxes and UpdateButtons notifications, as well as the usual Replace. See the Game Controller service for more information on these operations. The UpdatePovHats and UpdateSliders notifications are not supported because this service provides no POV hats or sliders.

Dragging the large "trackball" with the mouse emulates a joystick. As you drag with the mouse button pressed and the cross-hairs will move to show you the current location. When you release the mouse button the trackball will return to the center position. The X and Y values update to show the current position of the trackball. Note that the X and Y values range from -1000 to +1000 to be compatible with the Game Controller service and are provided through the UpdateAxes notification.

In addition to the trackball, you can use the following keys (uppercase or lowercase) on the keyboard: A = Left, D = Right, W = Forward, S = Backward. When you hold down one of these keys the trackball will move in the corresponding direction. Releasing the key returns the trackball to the center position.

The window also includes a set of numbered buttons. Pressing a button with the mouse button or using the corresponding keyboard keys will generate UpdateButtons notifications.

The Sticky Buttons checkbox makes the buttons stay depressed when you click on them. Clicking a button a second time releases it.

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