Logging Application Block Performance Counters

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The following table describes the Logging Application Block performance counters.

Performance Counter Name


Avg. Trace Execution Time

The average execution time for traced operations.

Avg. Trace Execution Time Base

The base for the average execution time for traced operations. The base is the denominator for the counter and provides the time per operation.

Logging Events Raised/sec

The rate at which logging events were raised.

Total Logging Events Raised

The total number of logging events raised.

Total Trace Listener Entries Written

The total number of entries that were traced by individual trace listeners.

Total Trace Operations Started

The total number of tracing operations started.

Trace Listener Entries Written/sec

The rate at which log entries were traced by individual trace listeners.

Trace Operations Started/sec

The rate at which tracing operations were started.

An average counter measures a value over time and displays the average of the last two measurements. A rate counter samples an increasing count of events over time and divides the values by the change in time to display a rate of activity. For more information about performance counters, see PerformanceCounterType Enumeration in the .NET Framework Class Library on MSDN.